Thursday, October 2, 2014

Missing Images?? Haven't updated in years?!? What what WHAT!?!

Hey everyone (whoever those may be?),

As you may have noticed a lot of the images from the posts are missing. We altered our Photobucket account so now I need to go back in an re-link every photo. The group of people I played this game with (Janet, Craig & John specifically) I don't talk to at all anymore and our friendships are basically ended.

That being said, I'm not rushing to finish posting stuff about their adventures as I'm busy over on my Livejournal (yes I still use mine, it's so 2005) uploading pictures from the very first photographed Toyin' Around game sessions back in 2005. As it's been precisely nine years since I took those photos and barely made my way through them, I vowed to myself to get them done before the new year starts. Cause if that happens, it'll be closer to TEN YEARS that it's taken me to do.

So, if you want to check on their adventures, which are less bloodthirsty and psychotic then that of the Why (the group of evil toys that Janet, Craig & John played as) head over to these links. Oh also be advised some of those blog entries are also missing images, but I am in the process of fixing them (such a huge pain in the rear...):

Toyin' Around Game Session: 9-21-2005

Toyin' Around Game Session: 9-28-2005 (Part 1)

Toyin' Around Game Session: 9-28-2005 (Part 2)

Toyin' Around Game Session: 10-6-2005 (Part 1)

Toyin' Around Game Session: 10-6-2005 (Part 2)

Toyin' Around Game Session: 10-6-2005 (Part 3)

Toyin' Around Game Session: 10-13-2005 (Part 1)

Toyin' Around Game Session: 10-13-2005 (Part 2)

Toyin' Around Game Session: 10-13-2005 (Part 3)

And that's all there is for right now. As I want to try and accomplish these simple goals before the new year, I'm really putting my foot down on getting these all edited and posted. They only exist on my old iMac and I'd hate to see them lost because of the computer eventually falling apart and I not taking the time to do this simple task each week back then. There were also short videos shot during each session, those I have to find a way to embed in the blog post so people can watch them. Namely my 2005 game session players Nolan, Amanda & Mike.

Back then we played roughly 9 game sessions from Mid September-to-Early November and I only took photos from the 21st onward (the idea to photograph the sessions came to us at the end of the 1st session on September 14th 2005). Now, as I have edited and posted photos from the above dates...holy crap: I'm actually half-way through the sessions! I only have 4 left to go, so the likelihood of me getting this done isn't so far away now and seems much more attainable.

Okay, so keep tuned here for more info on these sessions and info on the Toyin' Around Role-Playing-Game BOOK that my friend Connor Watson and myself are trying to get made. That too will hopefully be done before the end of this year, but we'll have to wait and see how things go logistically.

Take care guys (i.e. whomever is reading this) and take care!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Photos from the November 7th 2010 Game Session

This game session introduces a new player to the group, Ryan! He chose to play as War for Cybertron Soundwave and has Buzzsaw and Ravage as his two tape cassette minions. How will he handle working with the psychotic members of the WHY? You will have to wait and see...

Stay tuned for MORE photos from the Toyin' Around game, cause it only gets more insane from here on out. O_o...