Saturday, November 13, 2010

Photos from the October 24th 2010 Game Session!

This was a crazy game session, and this group is really learning how to take on ANY opposition that they encounter.

After de-animating numerous toys along the coast of the Ocean Zone in the Toy World while on their way to Kragsport, the law has FINALLY caught up with them. Six heavily armed Playmobil Special Police officers and a Police helicopter showed up. They ordered the PC's to put their weapons down and prepare to get arrested.

BIG mistake.

Stay tuned for photos from the November 7th 2010 game session. We introduce Ryan into the group, and we'll see how he fits into this terrible trio!

Photos from the October 17th 2010 Game Session!

Things continue to get wacky as the group continues onward to Kragsport. Their evil group having now grown by several undead toys, their dominance over the area will be quick coming...

It looks like the poop is about to hit the fan. Stay tuned for the next game session's photos to see how the WHY handle the Special Police!!