Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome to the Toyin' Around Blog!

Toyin' Around is a Role-Playing Game I created back 2004 where players play as toys who have come to life and go on adventures. I'm just recently putting the finishing touches on the book which should hopefully be available for sale in time for New York Comic Con this coming October. It's truly been my life's work so I'll be VERY happy once it's completed.

What to expect from this blog
Over the continued existence of this game I will be posting errata that didn't make it into the final edit of the book, in addition to photos of game sessions I'll be having with my current group of gamers/play-testers.

Who is in this group
As of this writing, I have 4 players in the game:

- 'Toola Roola' the My Little Pony played by Audrey. Toola Roola has a magical
brand on her side that manifests as a floating paintbrush that can bring anything she can draw to life. So far she's a typical good character, but that's always subject to change.

-'90s Rogue' Marvel Minimate played by my fiancee Beth. As of right now, she only possesses Superior Strength: Middleweight and the ability to copy other toys imaginary powers. Over time Beth can choose to upgrade Rogue & unlock more of her abilities. Right now she's 'neutral' I think, so we'll have to see what happens.

-'Charlotte' the Littlest Pet Shop spider played by Janet. She can restrain targets with webs, paralyze them with the venom from her fang(s), cling to walls and has a danger sense to warn her when she's about to be attacked. Oh she's also carnivorous and a little 'morally gray' when it comes to what's right and wrong.

-'Hezeus Stormwing' a Xevoz Stormwing figure played by John. Currently he can fly, grasp objects with his feet talons while in flight, attack with his glaive and stun targets with the stun bolt from his wrist-mounted crossbow. He is also carnivorous like Charlotte and as equally morally gray as she is.

Last night (August 8th) was our 2nd game session so not too much has progresses yet. I've always taken photographs at all of my game sessions as we use toys to play the game and it makes for funny nostalgic moments years later. I'm going to try and post some pictures from the August 2nd game session and the August 8th game session today, this way you guys can see what has went on and my players can get a kick out of the wacky hi-jinx they got themselves into. Stay tuned!

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