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Pictures from the August 2nd 2010 Game Session!

Okay, *WHEW* that was a LOT of pictures, even after I got rid of duplicates and blurry shots. Enjoy the madness, commentary is underneath each photo. @_@

The group meets the last toy left in Margrett's room, Sedrick the Playmobil Alien. He basically gives the toys the gist of what it's like to be a toy.

Margett's mother goes on a cleaning frenzy and tries to throw out all her toys! Sedrick saves the toys by directing them to a portal that leads to the Ocean Zone, a massive ocean that exists inside the imaginary Toy World.

Sedrick takes a key from his pocket and inserts it into the paper lock, causing the door to open.
Sedrick: "You have to go through, look for Captain Tusker Chitlins, he will help you while in there. I can't go through, I need to erase the doorway so no one else can follow you, now GO!" Sedrick shouts at the uneasy players who are not 100% sure that this is the best idea.

The group steps through the doorway portal, and as soon as the last toy entered, the door shut and vanished.
Charlotte: "Oh GREAT! This is what we get for trusting strange toys!"

A leopluradon emerges from the water, eyeballing the group hungrily.
: "Well at least there's nothing dangerous around he- HOLY CRAP WHAT THE @#$% is THAT!!?"

The leopluradon moves closer, and Rogue gets ready to kick a little dinosaur ass if it gets too bitey.

Charlotte skitters over to the edge of the island and uses her intimidation skill. Surprisingly, the little pink spider scares the ever-livin' POOP outta the leopluradon which turns tail and swims away asap. Charlotte just smirks as the group looks at her questionably.
: "...what?"

Once the leopluradon leaves, a pig in a submarine helmet emerges from the water and climbs on the opposite island. "Greetings! I'm Captain Tusker Chitlins of the Imperial Royal Navy!" shouts the pig.

The group pauses and calls out "CAPTAIN SHITLANDS! We found you!".
Capt. Chitlins
: "..wha?"

Toola Roola paints a rainbow bridge for the group to cross over on. Once on the other side, they talk with Captain Shi-err....Captain CHITlins and fill him in on how they got there and knew who he was. Charlotte, being a sneaky little vixen, uses her 5-Finger Discount skill to steal the Submarine helmet right off of Capt. Chitlins head....

....and put it on Hezeus' head.
Capt. Chitlins: "Hey...that helmet looks familiar..."
: " This is mine, I've always had it."

Captain Chitlins glares at Hezeus angrily and takes the helmet back from the obnoxious bird-man. "I'll take you guys to Kragsport, one of the biggest sea-ports in the toy world." says Capt. Chitlins. "Anything you can possibly be looking for can be found there."

To help the group get across the vast Ocean Zone, Toola Roola paints a sail boat for them to ride on. Capt. Chitlins dons his submarine helmet and accompanies the group along side the boat, while Hezeus flies overhead.

Rear shot of the group departing from the small islands on their way to Kragsport.

Suddenly (lots of surprises in the Ocean Zone...) a large shark appears from the depths and blocks the path of the group.

Before the group can react, the beast leaps from the waves and makes a beeline for the sail boat.

Hezeus: "Incoming! Get ready for it guys!!"

The shark smashes it's massive head into the side of the boat, knocking Capt. Chitlins back with the force of the blow.

Charlotte uses her 8 legs to hang on tightly, Toola Roola stables herself with her 4 legs, but Rogue looses her balance and falls backwards.
: "This fish sure is uppity!"

After smashing the boat with it's head, the shark takes a nice bite out of the hull.

Charlotte leaps onto to back of the shark "SCREW this!" she shouts "I'm paralyzing this big sardine!" and she attempts to sink her paralyzing fangs into it's dorsal fin...but misses twice, the beast splashes around to much for her to land a decent bite.

Thrashing around, the shark tosses Charlotte into the water "Damnit, ahh!" cries out the little spider as she splashes into the cold water "Eight legs and none of them can swim! HELP!!!". Capt. Chitlins sees the shark and makes some motion to get the beasts attention. "Come on, fresh pork here!!" he taunts loudly.

Hezeus flies towards the shark while Charlotte thrashes about in the water, if she's not rescued fast she'll drown! "Captain Shitlans!" shouts Hezeus, "Grab Charlotte, I'll take care of the shark!"

"Glub, glub, ack-cough!" chokes Charlotte "Spiders don't like water!! It's in the nursery rhyme for @#$%'s sake!!! HEEELLLPP *choke-cough*".

Capt. Chitlins zooms past the shark and emerges underneath Charlotte. "I've got ya lass!" shouts the Capt. "Just hang on tight!" "No DUH piggy!" replies Charlotte "Not like I really wanna go for a swim again anytime soon!"

"Hey fishy" shouts Hezeus "Eat glaive!". He lands a solid hit, slashing a nice scar across the nose of the shark. When he prepares to swing for a 2nd blow, the glaive slips out of his talons....

....and drops into the ocean. "...oh crap." says Hezeus "THAT'S not good."

"Hey Toola!!" shouts Hezeus "Paint up something to get my glaive before it sinks to the bottom of the ocean!!" Toola Roola nods and quickly summons her magical paintbrush to paint a picture of a penguin.

"Okay penguin, head down there and get that glaive for Hezeus!" commands Toola. The penguin nods and dives beneath the waves and grabs the glaive in it's beak and heads to the surface.

A few moments later, the penguin surfaces with the glaive in hand (or beak). "Charlotte, toss a web-line on that glaive and throw it over to me!" shouts Hezeus. "Okay okay" grumbles Charlotte as she throws a strand of webbing at it. "Okay, got CATCH!".

She whips the glaive around and up towards Hezeus. "I got it, I got it!" shouts Hezeus.

"....I don't got it...damnit not again." as he fumbles his catch and it falls yet again into the briny deep. Charlotte smacks a hand into her face "GAH! I'm going to GLUE that frickin thing to your HANDS Hezeus!!" she shouts rather annoyed.

With the sail boat almost about to disappear from existence and the shark underwater poised to attack them again, Hezeus grabs Rogue & Charlotte. Before he can attempt to grab Toola, the shark swims up from the depths at ramming speed....

.....and smashes it's head through the hull of the ship. "AHHHHH!!!" screams Toola "Get away from me!!". She stops her hooves at the shark, trying to push it back through the boat.

Her stomping is in vane as the shark ducks away from her attacks, and chomps down onto her foot. "YEEEOOW SON OF A @#$%!!" exclaims the pony, much to the shock of Hezeus, Rogue & Charlotte "I gotta get offa this boat....ah-HA! That is an idea..." and her magic paint brush appears again to paint her a new way to avoid this threat...

A magical heart-covered flying carpet! "Well..." ponders Charlotte "..that's more in Toola's style." "Quick guys, get on!" shouts Toola as the shark glares at her now being out of range of his bites.

"This is the most...umm..HAPPY magical carpet I've ever ridden on Toola." comments Rogue. "Yeah..." responds Charlotte "...'happy' heh heh. Now, move closer I want to sink my teeth into that shark!" Toola nods and the carpet moves closer, while doing that her paint brush paints a picture of a leopluradon to dive back underwater and retrieve Hezeus' glaive yet again.

"Okay, shark-fin soup time!" shouts Charlotte as she opens her mouth and prepares to bite down on the shark again....but misses once more due to the waves moving the shark around to much. "GAHH!! I hate the @#$%'in ocean!!!" curses Charlotte. Capt. Chitlins fires a few torpedoes from his submarine helmet, but the shark is far too agile in the water to get hit by any.

Hezeus flies over to the painted leopluradon and grasps his glaive from its mouth. "FINALLY!!" he shouts "If I drop this again I'm gonna flip!"

Hezeus flies over to Charlotte, grasping her with his talons to save her from falling into the water again. "Hey!" she shouts "I...was winning (sort of)! i have a plan on how to stop this thing! Hmmmpff!"

The shark darts for Capt. Chitlins, taking a sizable bite out of his submarine helmet. "GAh! I've been hit!" exclaims the Capt. "Little help guys, I'm not ready to be pork chops yet!"

Just then, before the shark can finish off the Capt., a large whale and a green octopus emerge from the waves. "Come onQuint!" shouts the whale at the shark "We gotta go report to da boss!". "Ohh man" replies the shark, much to the groups surprise "I was just starting to have FUN heh heh heh.".

"You can play with your food later. "answers the Octopus "We have to go now." The shark grumbles more, but follows the others as they dive under the waves. "HEY!!" yells Charlotte "COME BACK HERE!! I didn't get to play out my master plan for defeating you!!...crap."

With that battle over with, the group continues to head towards Kragsport, but is stopped by a large blue and while hovercraft. "Ahoy Capt. Chitlins!!" cries out the hovercraft "Good to see you again!". The two talk for a few minutes as Charlotte and the Capt. board the hovercraft. "Next stop new toys, is Kragsport!".

What adventures await our group when they arrive at their destination??

Stay tuned for when I post up the NEXT batch of pics from the August 8th session, THOSE should prove to be...interesting LoL.


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